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For all the talk of Led Zeppelin being a “heavy metal” band, I would encourage all to take a listen to their bluesy, gospel sound in the YouTube link below. This whole “video” is just a bunch of unreleased audio cuts of the band either rehearsing (interesting to hear their songs played at half tempo!) or studio recordings from 1968-72. Anyhoo, get a listen to this song.

As I try this out, WordPress doesn’t seem to want to let me link to the exact spot in the YouTube video but is just starting from the beginning. The song mentioned above is the last song and starts at 1:12:50. Sorry.


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Video Twofer

After a great morning of worship (and a late lunch) we took a trip to play at Mahalani’s grave.

From the Easter-day Mahalani party, we went home to an egg hunt.

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Welcoming our new dog, Mr. Bones McGillicuddy:

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The Great GatsbyThe Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I enjoyed this book. Fitzgerald’s style is pleasing. I like the setting (the Lost Generation) a great deal. Interestingly, the characters were semi-likable, but mostly I’m pleased I don’t know them personally. I’m glad not to be Jay Gatsby’s neighbor. Fitzgerald did a good job capturing the destructive selfishness of his generation and sad paradox that, as they strove to move forward, they were inescapably losing ground. The last chapter was my favorite. Fitzgerald painted a haunting picture of the slow-moving and expansive Mid-West and of its children trying to make their way in the urbane East.

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So, there we were driving down the road to the hospital, but it felt bizarre. We have had four children before this. Every trip to the hospital has been similar: I can’t drive fast enough, Maile’s exercised, red lights look green… plenty of you have been there. This one was different. The reason it was different was that our baby was dead.

I’ve never had a dead baby before. At least six month before, the docs told us that Mahalani (“Baby Lucy” – we always name our in utero kids a Peanuts name) suffered from Trisomy 13, which doesn’t bode well for longevity. We didn’t know if Lucy would make it to term, be born alive, or live ten years. Turns out that she lived 37 weeks in her mommy’s womb. That’s 37 weeks of blessing. Now she lives eternally with Jesus, the Savior of God’s elect.

Anyway, so there we were driving to the hospital. I thought that some grizzly business was at hand. The prospect of my wife delivering a dead baby wasn’t pleasant. In fact, at that point, I was wishing I could be somewhere else. God, however, has not created us somewhere else. He’s put us where we are and called us to serve him in that place.

That place turned out to be not grizzly, but glorious. There were numerous prayers answered, numerous tears shed, and a wonderful time had. We celebrated life. We celebrated eternal life. We spoke of covenant promises. In a word, the experience was a blessed tragedy.

Mahalani was and is exactly what Yahweh wants her to be. Eph 1:11 tells us that God works every little thing (and Mahalani is one very little thing) in accordance with his own will.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Praise him all creatures here below. Praise him above, ye heavenly host. Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Amen and amen.

Kane’ohe Bay… not far from Mahalani. 🙂

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This is just good clean fun…

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Give this a watch. If you’re like me, you will spend the next few days listening through Mike’s song list. Maybe you’ll even think he’s awesome enough to make a pledge so he can make a studio album of original music. You’ll have to visit his FB page to see about that. This guy is something else…

Thanks to Dawn Stone for turning me on to this stuff.

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