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For all the talk of Led Zeppelin being a “heavy metal” band, I would encourage all to take a listen to their bluesy, gospel sound in the YouTube link below. This whole “video” is just a bunch of unreleased audio cuts of the band either rehearsing (interesting to hear their songs played at half tempo!) or studio recordings from 1968-72. Anyhoo, get a listen to this song.

As I try this out, WordPress doesn’t seem to want to let me link to the exact spot in the YouTube video but is just starting from the beginning. The song mentioned above is the last song and starts at 1:12:50. Sorry.

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Video Twofer

After a great morning of worship (and a late lunch) we took a trip to play at Mahalani’s grave.

From the Easter-day Mahalani party, we went home to an egg hunt.

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The Brothers KThe Brothers K by David James Duncan

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I was given this book by a non-Christian neighbor. I traded him reads. I gave him Raymond Chandler’s The Big Sleep, and he gave me this.

I have to give Mr. Duncan a hand on an energetic, well-written book. From a literary standpoint, it was a pleasure to read. It had me laughing out loud enough to irritate my wife. The characters came across as, for the most part, honest and believable. Sometimes I thought that the brothers’ star qualities seemed a little over the top, but it still read well.

The title obviously alludes to Dostoevsky’s famous book, a book that I’ve read but once, but that I loved. This tale of divergent brothers takes places within a home where the mother is a committed Adventist and the father is a committed baseball player. These varied influences bear exceedingly varied fruit in the lives of the children (four sons and younger twin girls). They all go off in different directions and mostly reap the whirlwind (similar, in this respect, to Dostoevsky’s book). (more…)

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Welcoming our new dog, Mr. Bones McGillicuddy:

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This is just good clean fun…

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I’ve been laughing at the SPNC for the past 15 years. It should be clear that there’s nothing new here. However, it should also be clear that there is a great deal of amusement. Catechism is important, but it is even more important which catechism you choose. Can I get an Ay-men?!

1. Q: What is the chief end of each individual Christian?
A: Each individual Christian’s chief end is to get saved. This is the first and great commandment.

2. Q: And what is the second great commandment?
A: The second, which is like unto it, is to get as many others saved as he can.

3. Q: What one work is required of thee for thy salvation?
A: It is required of me for my salvation that I make a Decision for Christ, which meaneth to accept Him into my heart to be my personal lord and saviour… that’s right savioUr. That’s the spiritual way of spelling that word.

4. Q: At what time must thou perform this work?
A: I must perform this work at such time as I have reached the Age of Accountability.

5. Q: At what time wilt thou have reached this Age?
A: That is a trick question. (more…)

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Give this a watch. If you’re like me, you will spend the next few days listening through Mike’s song list. Maybe you’ll even think he’s awesome enough to make a pledge so he can make a studio album of original music. You’ll have to visit his FB page to see about that. This guy is something else…

Thanks to Dawn Stone for turning me on to this stuff.

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Super Kitty

…to the rescue

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Like anyone with a quarter of a brain, for a number of years I’ve been loathing the social agenda of the total annihilation of the institution of marriage. This agenda (it seems to me) has quite logically been pressed by the homosexuals and other sexual perverts. The funny (read: exceedingly sad) thing is that a very small percentage of sexual deviants has influenced (read: duped) so many in our culture. It’s the ol’ I’m-not-gay-or-anything-but-I-think-that-people-should-be-able-to-marry-whomever-they-want routine. It’s a lame routine. It would be really easy for us to point our fingers at these folks who support “gay marriage” and say that they are responsible for the destruction of marriage in our time. That accusation and the associated finger-pointing, however, would be misguided.

Who is responsible for the destruction of marriage? (more…)

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This video starts off strongly and powers on from there! Good stuff.

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