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This will be short and bitter… well, bitter-sweet. I’ve been listening to Greg Bahnsen’s debate with Gordon Stein. I heard it a few years back, but I found it on this blog. Here are some fun recollections of that debate from Dr. Frame, who was present. You can also hear it on YouTube.

One thing that blew me away in Dr. Stein’s opening statement was his treatment of some of the classical “proofs” of God’s existence. Okay, according to Bellevue Christian School’s transcript of the debate, here’s how Dr. Stein summarizes a couple of these classical arguments. First, the Cosmological Argument:

Everything must have a cause, therefore the universe must have a cause, and that cause was God. God was the first or uncaused cause.

Wow. Nothing about “every effect must have an antecedent cause” and nothing about it impossibility of “infinite regress,” but just that quick and inaccurate summary. Here’s a clear and concise statement of this argument. By comparison, anyone can see how wildly deficient Stein’s articulation is. (more…)


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Richard Dawkins

So I picked up Richard Dawkins’s The God Delusion last week at the public library. (Nah, I wouldn’t pay for that book, not unless I wanted to do some serious study of it. At this point in my life, that seems quite unlikely.) He has a section near the beginning of the book in which he addresses hypersensitivity to people’s beliefs. I have a couple of observations on this particular section.

First, I quite agree with the idea that it’s silly that we have to tip toe around articles of faith. If someone is going to profess a faith publicly, then that faith is subject to public scrutiny. (more…)

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