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For all the talk of Led Zeppelin being a “heavy metal” band, I would encourage all to take a listen to their bluesy, gospel sound in the YouTube link below. This whole “video” is just a bunch of unreleased audio cuts of the band either rehearsing (interesting to hear their songs played at half tempo!) or studio recordings from 1968-72. Anyhoo, get a listen to this song.

As I try this out, WordPress doesn’t seem to want to let me link to the exact spot in the YouTube video but is just starting from the beginning. The song mentioned above is the last song and starts at 1:12:50. Sorry.


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So, it’s no secret that Led Zeppelin’s one of my favorite bands. The Rain Song is a haunting and beautiful song written by Page and Plant. Well, here’s a video of those two performing the song in 1994. Yeah, they’re old and still have long hair, but the song (like much of Zeppelin’s work) endures. Take seven and a half minutes to enjoy this.

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Shouldn’t be a secret that I dig Led Zeppelin. Here’s their famous version of Traveling Riverside Blues. They drew a good deal of inspiration (!) from Robert Johnson. Here’s a cover of Robert Johnson’s Traveling Riverside Blues by a cat named Toby Walker. Very good stuff.

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When Giants Walked the Earth: A Biography of Led ZeppelinWhen Giants Walked the Earth: A Biography of Led Zeppelin by Mick Wall
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Just to get it out on the table, I love all sorts of music, and I think that Zeppelin is top-tier. In a word, this bio made me appreciate the music of the band all the more and loathe the band members similarly. The author’s use of the SECOND person, vocative case (self address, in this instance) is interesting and provides a good cut away to provide the back story of the members of the band. The technique could get old, but I think it was used well in this book.

I was born in ’77 and didn’t pay any mind to Zep until I was in college. Reading about them in ’69 and ’70 makes me wish I could time warp back into one of those little venues in Los Angeles, San Fran or NYC to watch them just rip the doors off the building, following the likes of Jefferson Airplane! Powerful band.

At the end of the day, this is a good bio. In addition to what you might expect, Wall goes into a lot of detail about the Occult, sexual exploits, and all manner of other stuff that is generally pertinent, but at points seems grandiose and all-too-congratulatory. The members of the band basically turned into animals and beasts on tour. That’s worth knowing, but we don’t need to roll in the filth with them to get the idea.

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