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I know, I know… I’ve been out of commission for the past number of weeks. Well, I’m now back up and runnin’. There are plenty of things about which I can write. I have a lot of material about covenant, family, worship and much more. I would like, however, to start with a highly significant development in the life of the Prussic family.

It's well-known that Calvin basically wanted to kill everybody.

Now, my oldest son is named Calvin (after John Calvin, that monstrous heretic that burned hundreds of thousands of well-meaning happy people in that theocratic hell called Geneva). Just kidding, but my first-born is named Calvin after John Calvin. In any event, when he was born in April of 2005, I was on my way back from Edmonton, Alberta; I actually missed his birth! I was up in Edmonton meeting with the (then) Northwest Presbytery of the Bible Presbyterian Church. So, for the past six years (marked by the day before Calvin’s birthday) I’ve been licensed to preach the Gospel. I was not, however, ordained to the Gospel ministry.

Recently, by the grace of God, the Columbia Bible Presbyterian Church called me to be their pastor. We moved down to Scappoose, Oregon, in Columbia County, and I’ve begun preaching and teaching. I am not yet a pastor, as I’ve not been ordained by the Presbytery. I have yet to undergo further examinations by the Presbytery, and, if I pass, I hope to be ordained within six months.

The upshot is: rejoice with us! This call to ministry is an answer to a lot of prayer (both on the part of the congregation and on the part of our family). We’ve rejoicing to be at the CBPC. We love the people here and are very excited to minister God’s Word, build up the people here, and grow the church. If you are around the NW Portland area, or if you know people who are in that area, please recommend them to come visit us. Also, check out the church’s website – it’s quite informative and helpful.


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In the Hospital

Just to give everyone a head’s up (this will be redundant if you’re my friend on Facebook, which you should be) that my dad had a stroke yesterday. It’s quite serious, and he’s currently in surgery up at Harborview, and I’m up here in Seattle with him for the time being. My posts, therefore, will be slow here for a while. I do hope to follow up yesterday’s post. So, for all of you who are sitting on the edge of your office chairs in anticipation, wondering how I’ll demonstrate the insufficiency, two pieces of advice: 1) get a life, and 2) thank you.

More to the point: Jesus Christ is the Lord of the universe. He’s the Lord over life and death. He loves his people, and we rest in him. My dad, too, rests in him.

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Outta Commission

So, we’ll be down camping with the good folks from the Scappoose Bible Presbyterian Church for the next couple nights. After that, the fellows from the Olympia Bible Presbyterian Church have a father/son camp out on Friday night. Saturday night is the cheese-maker’s anniversary ball. Then back down to Scappoose for the Lord’s Day. Bloggin’s going to come hard with that schedule. If you get the itch for some pithy little articles, read Jason or Kris. They’re worth your time.

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For all who read and comment here, I just wanted to let you know that I’ll be taking the Lord’s Day off from blogging. Let’s all focus on worship and rest. We’ll get back to this hullabaloo on Monday.

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